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Lions vs. Seahawks 2015 final score: Seattle extends Detroit's season of misery, 13-10

The Lions' offense couldn't do anything against the Seahawks' defense, which is good for Seattle because its offensive line nearly ruined everything.

The Detroit Lions remain the only winless team in the NFL after losing to the Seattle Seahawks, 13-10, on Monday night. What ought to be an explosive offense was thoroughly snuffed out. The Seahawks allowed just 256 yards at 4.8 yards per play for their second straight win after an 0-2 start to the season.

The Seahawks were without Marshawn Lynch, and the running game certainly suffered. It didn't help that Fred Jackson went down on the night. Russell Wilson did his part to carry the offense, however. He extended plays in the face of a constant pass rush and added 40 yards on the ground.

Still, Wilson couldn't make up for his offensive line's struggles. Even with his pocket presence, he was sacked six times on the night. He also lost two fumbles, the second of which was returned for a touchdown in the fourth quarter to put the Lions within three points.

The Lions were able to follow up the score by holding the Seahawks to a three-and-out. They took over possession on their own 11-yard line and promptly diced up the Seahawks. Stafford seemingly hit Calvin Johnson for a go-ahead touchdown, but Kam Chancellor knocked the ball out of the star wideout's hands and through the back in the end zone, resulting in Seattle's possession and a touchback.

After that, the Seahawks just needed a first down to ice the game and stave off a potential backbreaking loss, which they did thanks to another big pass from Wilson.

Three things we learned:

1) The Lions are the worst team in the NFL

With the loss, the Lions are now the only winless team left in the NFL. Yes, they've had a relatively rough start to the schedule, but this is not at all where they should be coming off an 11-5 season and after throwing even more reinforcements at an offense that never seems to play up to its talent.

This year, the defense hasn't been able to prop the team up as it did last year because of injuries. With a hearty corps of big-play weapons, Stafford somehow averaged just 5.8 yards per attempt. Conservatism clearly isn't doing the team any good. Nor is sheltered play calling like punting on fourth-and-1 from their own 43 in the first half.

Jim Caldwell ... are you okay, Jim Caldwell?

2) The Seahawks' offensive line could spoil their season

The Seahawks improved to 2-2 on the season, which isn't great but certainly isn't a death blow to their playoff chances. They looked much better than what appears to be a bad Lions team. Still, the team has clear flaws, the biggest being the offensive line. Even Jon Gruden couldn't contain his disgust over Russell Wilson's pass protection.

Fortunately, Wilson was still able to make plays even in the face of the Lions' pass rush, but Seattle may not be able to keep up when taking on better offenses. Wilson was still sacked six times on the night.

The offense is still out of sync in other aspects. Thomas Rawls was bottled up playing in place of an injured Lynch, and the Seahawks still can't find Jimmy Graham even when he's WIDE OPEN:

The Seahawks' defense is still in fine form -- it has allowed three offensive points through its last eight quarters (not counting the fumble returned for a score) -- but the team's lingering offensive issues could haunt it as the season continues.

3) Russell Wilson is not just a system quarterback

Seriously, just watch him work the pocket.

Wilson finished 20-for-26 passing for 287 yards and one touchdown with 40 yards rushing with little help from an anemic, Lynch-less running game. Anyone who doesn't think he's worth his contract is sorely mistaken.