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The 5 craziest Jim Caldwell GIFs from 'Monday Night Football'

Lions coach Jim Caldwell was up to his usual sideline antics during Monday Night Football. Watch him go crazy in these animated GIFs.

1. Jim Caldwell reacts to Russell Wilson's second-quarter Houdini act that results in a long gain.

Jim Caldwell

(GIF by Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports)

2. Caldwell expresses disgust when Doug Baldwin catches a touchdown on the next play.


(GIF by Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports)

3. Here's Caldwell losing his dang mind when the Lions force a fumble and score a defensive touchdown.


(GIF by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

4. Caldwell can't believe Calvin Johnson fumbled inside the 1-yard line!


(GIF by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

5. Watch Caldwell's face when he finds out the refs missed the call on K.J. Wright's illegal bat in the end zone.



WHOA! Settle down, Coach!

* * *

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