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La'el Collins looks like a human bulldozer as he flattens two Seahawks on one play

The Dallas Cowboys recently inserted La'el Collins into the starting lineup at left guard. This is probably the reason why:

Completely decimating two defenders on one play is incredibly impressive on its own. When you look closer and realize who those defenders are, this might just be the best offensive line sequence of the season. First, Collins overpowers and completely stonewalls All-Pro linebacker Bobby Wagner. Collins then sets his sights on All-Pro safety Earl Thomas and knocks him dang near out of AT&T Stadium.

That is one of the best middle linebackers in the NFL and arguably the top safety in football. Collins made them both look like children.

Collins showed flashes of this during preseason and won't be leaving the starting lineup anytime soon -- if ever -- if he keeps mauling defenders like this.

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