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PODCAST AIN'T PLAYED NOBODY: On where Mizzou goes from here ...

A&M, too, for completely different reasons.

In the 12th episode of Podcast Ain't Played Nobody, Bill and Godfrey discuss ...

  • Mizzou. Duh.
  • The appealing nature of the Big 12's brand of football (and how "They don't play defense!" rings more true this year than most ... but still not really).
  • The best potential styles-make-fights Playoff matchups.
  • Bad offenses.
  • Baaaaaaad offenses.
  • The life cycle of offensive innovation -- innovation comes, defenses adapt, some other innovation comes -- and how we're witnessing it in real time on the Internet.
  • Kentucky is secretly awful.
  • USF has no excuses not to end up bowl eligible.
  • Texas A&M and disappointment and reality vs. expectation.
  • The disappointment of a year that was supposed to peak and didn't. (Hi, Ole Miss.)