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Paris stadium security prevented suicide bomber from entering soccer match

Adam Pretty/Getty Images

New information is emerging from Paris following the terrorist attacks that caused the death of 127 people, and injured over 200. On Saturday we learned that security at the Stade de France blocked entrance to an attacker armed with an explosive vest prior to the game between France and Germany on Friday night.

The attacker attempted to enter the Stade de France approximately 15 minutes before kickoff, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal. After being caught by security the vest was detonated outside the stadium, prompting the evacuation of French president François Hollande, who was watching the game. A police officer on the scene confirmed the account, saying the attacker had planned to detonate the vest inside the stadium in the hopes of inciting a stampede.

Three minutes after the first detonation a second suicide bomber detonated explosives near the stadium, resulting in the death of a civilian.

Fans and players inside the Stade de France were not told about the attacks in Paris, with officials electing to have the full game being played to prevent panic. News began to spread in the second half with many fans believing the explosions heard earlier in the game were firecrackers, a common event at soccer games. Fans joined players on the field after the game in confusion and concern, but the desire to incite a riot was never realized. Fans exited the Stade de France safely, with a video emerging of French fans singing the national anthem while exiting, displaying their strength and belief in their country. has more information on the attacks on Paris.