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Ravens gift Jaguars a win by committing blatant last-second facemask

Elvis Dumervil cost the Ravens big time.

The Ravens gave away Sunday's game against the Jaguars in one of the more improbable and dumbfoundingways imaginable. The game clock had expired when Elvis Dumervil sacked Blake Bortles on fourth down. The play would have ended the game and given the Ravens a 20-19 win if Dumervil hadn't committed a blatant facemask penalty.

No game can end on a defensive penalty. Dumervil gave the Jaguars 15 yards and first down, moving them in range for an untimed 53-yard field goal attempt. Because karma is real and cruel, Jason Myers' kick was good after he had missed a 26-yard earlier.

Dumervil felt very badly afterward.

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