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Greg Hardy reportedly fined for missing Cowboys team meeting

Hardy missed practice a day after the Cowboys talked to him about his behavior.

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The Dallas Cowboys continue to tolerate defensive end Greg Hardy's behavior, which now includes skipping a team meeting last Thursday. According to the Dallas Morning News' David Moore, Hardy received a fine for missing the meeting, the standard team punishment.

Reports that Hardy failed to arrive on time for a team meeting first surfaced Monday, though it did not become clear until later that the embattled defensive end never actually made an appearance. Regardless, the Cowboys didn't reduce Hardy's workload during their Week 10 matchup with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a game in which he played 63 snaps.

While Hardy missing a meeting registers as a far lesser offense compared to some of his previous acts, the controversial player continues to shed a negative light on the Cowboys for their decision to sign him. Last week, Hardy briefly changed his Twitter bio to read "innocent until proven guilty" in the wake of a Deadspin report that included graphic images of his ex-girlfriend's bruised body. It marked the fourth time the Cowboys had to talk to Hardy about his behavior and came just one day before he missed the team meeting.

Still, Dallas remains supportive, with owner Jerry Jones telling the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that he doesn't want to "single [Hardy] out."

Jason Garrett wouldn't comment on the Hardy reports, but did speak in general terms during his Monday press conference. The Dallas head coach said that if a player missed a meeting it would be handled "in house" rather than publicly.

Garrett said that every player has a line that he would not be able to cross.

"There would be a time with any player where we reach a point where we feel the need to step in and do something about his behavior," he said. When asked specifically if Hardy had reached that point, Garrett said, "No."

Hardy has a history of missing team meetings. He did so during his time with the Carolina Panthers, leading to punishment from head coach Ron Rivera:

While the Cowboys allowed Hardy to play against the Buccaneers, it does not appear he has learned from his mistakes:

The incident didn't seem to be a big deal -- the players left the field together at halftime -- but Hardy has earned his spot under the microscope. The Cowboys lost 10-6 to the Buccaneers to drop to 2-7. They have yet to win a game since the end of Hardy's four-game suspension.

The Hardy news comes in the wake of several roster moves for the Cowboys. The team reportedly released running back Christine Michael and cornerback Corey White for "playing and locker room reasons."

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