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Marcelo Huertas came to America and all he got were these lousy broken ankles

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Poor Marcelo Huertas. He doesn't deserve the fate Brandon Knight gave him on Monday night.

Brandon Knight isn't a perfect point guard, but in an effort to prove his worth, he drew a semi-circle using Marcelo Huertas' body. A single Knight crossover might just force Huertas into an early sabbatical where he has to return to Europe. Maybe he'll backpack across some countries, just to explore the world and find himself. He just needs some time to figure things out.

Marcelo Huertas doesn't deserve this. The Brazilian had an accomplished career overseas as one of Europe's finest playmakers, leading Barcelona to three consecutive Euroleague Final Four appearances. His passing is Ricky Rubio-esque. He has the curly hair and bearded face of a harmless man that cuffs his jeans and can tell you the differences between three similar IPAs from three different countries. For all intents and purposes, he's a very nice man.

But he's landed on the Lakers, which is the worst possible spot for him.

At this stage of his career, the 32-year-old Huertas should be on a contending team with a good structure and competent coaching. He should be backing up a renowned point guard and facilitating a second unit with his dazzling passes and creative play. Instead, he's on a team that runs down the shot clock before handing him the ball so he can turn into an Internet joke.

It upset him so much that he got mad online. Everyone knows that you never get mad online.

Pushing Huertas to the brink of madness might be Byron Scott's greatest achievement, as long as he doesn't grind Kobe Bryant into a pile of scowling dust first. Brandon Knight's savage act was just more of the same for Huertas. He's spent too much time looking like a confused tourist.

Yet, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Huertas should take solace from the irony that Brandon Knight of all people is his perpetrator.

It wasn't that long ago that we were only speaking of Knight in the past tense. Even now, the heart grows heavy as we revisit the bloodfest of March 10, 2013, when DeAndre Jordan sent the promising point guard to the land between the living and the dead. Knight was doomed to forever wander as an Internet meme. Maybe you've forgotten just how bad it was:

One of the many memes depicting the scene showed Knight lying on the ground with a young Simba trying to wake him up. His Wikipedia page was even changed to mark March 10 as the date of his demise. It would be unfair to expect Knight to be kind and forgiving after going through that, especially because it came just a month after from Kyrie Irving used the dark arts to eviscerate Knight's ankles in the Rising Stars challenge

That Knight managed to survive a deep and existential despair after these events is a testament to his character. That he can return and be a capable point guard in the NBA is a true show of mental will. That he has become the monster that turned Marcelo Huertas into the human embodiment of the "Draw 4" card from Uno is proof of the unforgiving nature of the human soul. If we know anything about the world, is that anybody, even a kind soul like Huertas, can get it. No ankles are safe.

Watching Huertas twirl around like that is sad, but it's also hopeful in its own weird way. If Knight's tale offers any precedent, Huertas will return in two years to torment some other newcomer. The cycle never ends.