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Jake Arrieta had to go to Deadball-era lengths to win the NL Cy Young

Thursday's Say Hey, Baseball looks at Jake Arrieta's amazing second half performance in 2015, cool Dallas Keuchel GIFs and the Marlins might hate Scott Boras. Subscribe for your daily Say Hey!

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The 2015 MLB Awards Season has been pretty straight-forward for the most part. It wasn't a huge shock to see Kris Bryant and Carlos Correa win the Rookie of the Year awards for their respective leagues. It wasn't particularly shocking either when it was announced that Jeff Bannister and Joe Maddon were the Managers of the Year in their respective leagues. In fact, for one half of the Cy Young Awards, you could say that there was still a lack of drama when it came to the AL Cy Young, which went to Dallas Keuchel of the Houston Astros. That meant that the only real awards drama we had left was in the NL Cy Young, which could've conceivably gone to three pitchers this season.

When you take a look at the years that both Zack Grienke and Clayton Kershaw had, it's safe to say that they both had years that were absolutely worthy of the award. Kershaw has won the award so many times over the past few years that it was almost about to be renamed the "Clayton Kershaw Pitching Invitational Award." He'd had a season in which his ERA and FIP were extremely tiny, his K/9 was at a career high (which led to him tallying a 300 strikeout season, which is amazing) and according to FanGraphs, he had his best season ever with a WAR of 8.6. He finished third in the voting. That's absurd, and it shows you just how tight this race was.

Fortunately, Kershaw had one of those seasons where an amazing season like that could go without being recognized with an award and it won't be considered a snub. That's because Jake Arrieta's performance was absolutely stunning in 2015 -- especially after the All-Star break, which is when he took his game to the next level. When you're putting up numbers that are comparable to stats that were last seen in the Deadball era of the game, then you know that you are pitching at an extremely high level, and that was the case with Arrieta. From the month of July until the end of the season, his ERA was at 0.89 and his FIP was at 1.97. It was going to take something absolutely special to beat what the Dodgers two best pitchers did this season, and that's what Arrieta did. The Cubs are now three-for-three in the 2015 Awards season, and while they probably won't get the MVP nod, their three award winners all deserve the hardware that they now own.


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