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OG wins Dota 2 Frankfurt Major 2015

The meteoric rise of OG is a lesson in perseverance, humilty and playing as a team. Nobody expected this group to go very far in the Frankfurt Major, now they're champions of the world -- beating not only Team Secret in the grand final, but The International 5 champions Evil Geniuses in the same day.

OG's road to victory isn't some complicated story of fortuitous circumstance, they simply worked harder than everyone else. Since becoming a team OG played every single tournament they could find, even ones that would typically be seen as beneath a team of the players OG has. For them it was all about getting comfortable with each other's styles, forging a unit and preparing themselves for bigger challenges to come.

N0tail has said publicly that Puppey was the final boss, the last challenge. An ultimate show of respect for the decorated captain of Team Secret. It felt like OG's entire reason for existence was finding a way to beat Secret to not only show the world they belonged, but perhaps to solidify themselves as one of the best teams in the world. Now they can say that without question.

On paper OG didn't have the most talented roster in Frankfurt. Heck, most would probably put them as fourth or fifth behind Evil Geniuses, Team Secret, CDEC and Vega Squadron -- but those teams didn't have something OG had: Next level teamwork. It felt as though OG breathed one breath, showing perfect teamwork in tough situations and fighting back through adversity. Their bad group stage somehow solidified them in a crucible and yet this team still found ways to surprise the best teams in the world.

Is this a one-patch-wonder from OG? Time will tell. It's a question n0tail has raised himself, but for now OG deserves the spoils of winning the first ever Dota 2 major. No team had to work harder to reach this point and until other teams can step up and reclaim the throne.

There are four months before the next Dota 2 major in Shanghai, and it's doing to be a fascinating time to watch professional Dota.