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The Chiefs scored because the Bills were too slow to challenge Jeremy Maclin catch

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The Chiefs may have caught a big break when Rex Ryan and the Bills failed to challenge what was ruled a 37-yard catch by Jeremy Maclin in the second quarter. Kansas City hurried to the line and handed off to Spencer Ware, who scored from three yards out on the very next play. But, should the Chiefs have been sent back to the 40-yard line?

It was close. Here is Maclin's catch/no-catch.

As you can see, the ball appears to touch the ground, but was it before Maclin had full control of it?

For what it's worth, former referee Mike Carey did not think it looked like a catch, and that it would've been reversed for the Bills.

Rex Ryan's decision not to challenge the play may have big implications in this game. The subsequent Spencer Ware touchdown cut the Bills' lead to 10-7.