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Will injuries sink the Patriots?

Rob Gronkowski was the latest Patriots starter to suffer an injury. Can they get well in time for the postseason?

UNDEFEATED NO MORE: The Carolina Panthers are now the only remaining undefeated team after the Denver Broncos downed the New England Patriots in overtime underneath falling snow. C.J. Anderson finished the Pats off with a 48-yard burst to the end zone in overtime.

Because it was a primetime game, of course there was some confusion over an obscure rule in the NFL rulebook. And because the Patriots lost, of course Bill Belichick gave some poor reporter an eviscerating staredown over an innocuous question.

The Patriots have had a long list of injuries on offense this season. Will they have enough healthy players for the stretch run and the postseason?

GET WELL, GRONK: Perhaps even more significant than the result was a serious-looking knee injury to Patriots superstar tight end Rob Gronkowski. Thankfully, postgame reporters suggested that the injury is not as bad as it seemed, but Gronk will undergo more tests Monday to determine the exact extent.

FARE THEE WELL, JIMMY GRAHAM: Jimmy Graham will not be as lucky as Gronkowski. The Seahawks have already confirmed that he is out for the season with a torn patellar tendon. He had a tremendous game against the Steelers, including a remarkable bobbling, diving catch to set up a Seahawks touchdown.

BIG BEN LATEST: Ben Roethlisberger is in the NFL's concussion protocol, and no doubt reporters will be following his status closely throughout the week. Significant is the fact that Roethlisberger reportedly self-reported his concussion symptoms to the Steelers when he suffered them late in the fourth quarter while the game was still on the line.

ODELL DID IT AGAIN: Seriously, just watch Odell Beckham Jr. do his thing again and again. His touchdown reception against Washington may easily be the best anyone has made in the NFL since his famous one-hander against the Cowboys last season. Unfortunately, despite Beckham's best efforts, the Giants couldn't help but blow their division lead in a spectacularly dumb ending.

SB Nation presents: Eli Manning's overthrows lead to good and bad

DON'T BLINK: Up until yet another Patriots-Broncos classic Sunday night, Steelers-Seahawks was easily the best game of the day. The two teams traded haymakers until the very end, when the Steelers settled for a field goal on fourth-and-goal from the 3 and the Seahawks quickly scored a touchdown to punish them for their cowardice.

PLAYOFF PICTURE: The Seahawks jumped into the NFC Wild Card while the Steelers fell out of the AFC. There's still plenty that can happen in what's shaping up to be an incredibly tight race.

THIS SHOULD BE A TOUCHDOWN: Okay, the defender was clearly out of bounds when the ball ricocheted off his back foot, but the NFL rule book should make an exception for passes that bounce off a tight end's hands, get bobbled, bounce off a defenders' foot up into the air, then get caught by a separate teammate. Do it in the name of all things fun, NFL.

REFS ARE BAD, PT. 3,474: 49ers offensive guard Alex Boone went on a long rant about the officiating in Sunday's game against the Cardinals and called out the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell. The 49ers were called for 13 penalties, including four during a particularly bad seven-play stretch.

SUH GOES OFF: A report surfaced of an odd locker room speech that Ndamukong Suh gave to the Dolphins in which he claimed "only a handful of guys" on the team are good enough to play with him. The speech reportedly rubbed a few teammates the wrong way. In response to the report, Suh fired back with an Instagram post targeted at NFL Network's Ian Rapoport.


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KISS MY A**: That was Jeff Fisher's response to a reporter asking him a question about his team' effort. He declined to address exactly why his team is currently mired in a four-game losing streak.

GIVE SAMMY THE BALL: The Bills threw Sammy Watkins the ball in the first half and they led! They stopped in the second half and they lost! Give Sammy Watkins the ball!

GOOD BYE BEAST MODE? Marshawn Lynch's advancing age, injury problems and hefty contract may mean we've seen the last of him in a Seahawks uniform.

REX NEEDS A HIGHER POWER: Rex Ryan took advice from the Bills' chaplain on whether to challenge a call. The chaplain said no when -- surprise -- the Bills likely would have won the challenge.

NEVER TOO LATE: Matt Millen apologized to Lions fans for his terrible tenure as general manager and admitted that he maybe wasn't cut out for the job.

PUMP THE BRAKES, BLAKE: Blake Bortles threw not one, but TWO passes after he ran well past the line of scrimmage on Sunday. We'll chalk this up to a young man being overly ambitious during a big game.