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The Piesman Trophy Ballot is LIVE!

College football's first trophy for linemen doing non-linemen things is so close to being handed out, but who do you think should win?

After 13 weeks of college football, Piesman Trophy eligibility came to a close at the end of this past weekend's games.

The results? Sixty-three different plays made the cut for consideration, starting with Nick Perrotta's pick-six in Kennesaw State's first football game ever ...


... and ending with Michigan State's Jack Allen doing one heck of a running back impression.

While the Piesman voters are still considering which play they think is most deserving of the trophy, you can check out every single outstanding lineman feat they'll be reviewing on the official PIESMAN BALLOT. We'll announce the finalists soon, so you still have time to prepare your arguments for why the voters got it totally wrong.