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We could've had an Outkast Super Bowl halftime show


Scott Gries/Getty Images

Outkast coulda done the Super Bowl? Outkast coulda done the Super Bowl? OUTKAST COULDA DONE THE SUPER BOWL?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

It turns out Outkast coulda done the Super Bowl. Big Boi said on Thursday's episode of the Dan LeBatard Show that the Outkast, the greatest rap duo in the history of rap*, was approached about performing at a Super Bowl halftime show but turned it down. From Pitchfork:

The songs in question were "The Way You Move" and "Hey Ya!". According to Big Boi, the Super Bowl organizers wouldn't have given them enough time to do both songs in full. Big Boi said," [Andre] didn't want to cut the songs, he wanted to do the full songs. He said, 'Nah, can't do it.'"

When asked if Big Boi tried to convince André to change his mind, Big Boi said: "A lot." He also said they've recently laughed about it. "Hopefully they invite us back," he said.

This went the wrong way around. The Super Bowl shouldn't have been asking Outkast to shorten their songs. Outkast should've been asking the Super Bowl to extend the dang halftime. If Outkast wants to perform SpottieOttieDopsalicious, you hire a dang brass band and keep the teams in the locker room. THE WORLD NEEDS TO SEE.

Sadly, it never came to pass. Although Big Boi doesn't confirm which Super Bowl it was, he hints that it was the 2004 bowl, which featured Justin Timberlake, Nelly, P. Diddy, Kid Rock ... and Janet Jackson, whose boob famously fell out. That controversy of course led to a series of Super Bowl halftime shows that featured artists with no danger of boob exposure -- Paul McCartney, the Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, etc.

Outkast could've prevented the boob from popping out and saved our nation from this string of halftime shows. Outkast will always save the world when the world lets them. In this case, we didn't.

If there is any order in the world, Outkast will play the Super Bowl halftime show soon. PLEASE.

* source: the world/SB Nation's official editorial handbook/Rodger