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Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer calls out Rams DC for cheap shot on Teddy Bridgewater

Vikings coaches and players didn't even try to hide their contempt for Rams DC Gregg Williams and the cheap shot that gave Teddy Bridgewater a concussion Sunday.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

VIkings head Mike Zimmer wasn't a fan of Rams defensive coordinator Gregg Williams before Sunday's game. He barely tried to contain his contempt after the Vikings' overtime win when asked about the hit that took out quarterback Teddy Bridgewater with a concussion.

Zimmer reportedly had an icy handshake for Rams head coach Jeff Fisher after the game, too. Most of his ire was clearly targeted at Williams, however.

The play in question occurred with 13:36 left in the fourth quarter with the Vikings leading 18-15. Rams safety Lamarcus Joyner hit Bridgewater as the quarterback was sliding feet first to the ground. Under NFL rules, a runner declares himself down when he begins a slide feet first and defenders are expected to pull up on the play. Joyner didn't, and was flagged for a 15-yard personal foul for unnecessary roughness.

Both Fisher and Joyner defended themselves after the game.

But no one on the Vikings was convinced, not even players.

Rodney Harrison wasn't surprised that a Fisher-coached took a cheap shot, either.

Joyner faces a potential fine, but he won't be suspended for the hit:

Still, it's probably a good thing that the Rams and Vikings don't play each other twice a season.