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The saddest NFL division showdown ever

NFL playoff races are heating up across the league, for better and, in some cases, for much worse.

THE ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN: The NFL playoff picture is starting to get very interesting. The Wild Card races are fun, and it'll be fascinating to see which one of the AFC's giants are able to secure first-round byes.

There are some heated division races, too, though the quality of those, are, um, less than stellar. Next week's Texans-Colts matchup for the AFC South lead between 6-7 teams could pit T.J. Yates against Charlie Whitehurst after Brian Hoyer went into concussion protocol and Matt Hasselbeck went down late against the Jaguars.

SHADY SHADE: LeSean McCoy walked off the field after losing to the Eagles without acknowledging any of his former teammates, much less Chip Kelly. He was the first Bills player in the locker room, and slammed his helmet in anger as he entered. It's been a difficult year for Shady, safe to say.

PATRIOTS ARE NO. 1, OH GREAT: After the Bengals AND Broncos lost on Sunday, the Patriots were able to move into the top spot in the AFC with an easy win over the Texans. Gronk played great off of injury and Julian Edelman is reportedly coming back soon. With three games left the Patriots are in fine shape.

ON TO 2016: The battle for the No. 1 overall pick is even tighter than any playoff battle, with three teams at 3-10 on the season. The Titans have the top pick for now, but the Chargers and Browns can slide ahead if they keep losing.

DISRESPECTFUL: The Jaguars ended the Colts' NFL record 16-game winning streak against division rivals by annihilating them. In fact, the Colts had never lost that bad to an AFC South team, ever. The Jaguars may actually be -- *gulp* -- the strongest team in the division right now.

UNDEFEATED AND IT FEEEEELS SO GOOOOOD: The Panthers are now 13-0 after an easy 38-0 win over the Atlanta Falcons. Cam Newton celebrated by running around the field like Hulk Hogan. The Panthers dabbed as a team. Newton stopped some adults from taking a touchdown ball meant for some kids because Cam Newton is for the children.

SB Nation presents: Cam Newton celebrates after Carolina moves to 13-0

PACMAN: Adam 'Pacman' Jones went off on the Steelers and ESPN in a NSFW Instagram video. He told the Steelers to "Shut the f*** up and play football," which they promptly did by beating the Bengals 33-20. There was some chippiness before the game. It will be an intense scene if the two teams meet in the playoffs.

SCORING MACHINE: The Seahawks' offense looks unstoppable right now. Remember all the criticism Russell Wilson took earlier in the season? Well, now he's playing so well he's got Pete Carroll dancing on lockers like a dang lunatic.

RAWLS OUT: Unfortunately for Seattle, it lost sensational rookie running back Thomas Rawls for the season.

MAGIC'S OVER? The Bengals have had an incredible season, due in no small part to Andy Dalton's resurgence. Well now he may be out for the season, putting pressure on second-year quarterback AJ McCarron to keep the magic going.

HOSS OF THE WEEK: Khalil Mack almost singlehandedly beat the Broncos on Sunday with five sacks to tie a franchise record. He is the epitome of HOSS.

YES THIS IS A METAPHOR: The Chargers came within half a yard of tying the Chiefs, then did everything -- and we mean EV. ERY. THING. -- wrong.

CONTINUITY: Not only are the Steelers hot right now, but head coach Mike Tomlin became the third coach in franchise history to win 90 regular season games.

JOHNNY TABLET: Technology isn't always a quarterback's best friend. But the Browns won!


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