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Horses on the Internet are FURIOUS American Pharoah didn't win SI Sportsperson of the Year

Nothing more majestic than an angry horse on Twitter.

American Pharoah dominated Sports Illustrated's online reader vote for Sportsman of the Year, but SI opted to overlook the overwhelming result of the vote, giving the honor to Serena Williams instead. Sports Illustrated had been up front with the fact that the reader vote would not affect who they actually gave the award to, but racing fans were still upset. But the real news came Monday morning, when dozens of upset horses took to Twitter to express their displeasure with Sports Illustrated.

Horses were previously believed to be incapable of tweeting, due to their lack of understanding of human language and their big, climp-clompy hooves being too big to type on either smartphones or computers.

Early hypotheses suggest the horses are using some type of speech-to-text function, or perhaps a very big, very durable keyboard. This is the biggest breakthrough in horse-human communication since the 1950s documentary Mr. Ed.

American Pharoah has not yet tweeted his opinion on the award.

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