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League of Legends pros lose it when Froggen accidentally teleports to his own death ... twice


Probably the most fun event at this weekend's League of Legends All-Star Event was the 1 vs. 1 tournament, giving us everything from no-item Zilean mirror matches to some legitimately entertaining duels between some of the best players in the world.

Nothing topped the semifinal between Froggen and Doublelift.

With Doublelift up 1-0 and only needing one more win to advance to the finals, the TSM AD Carry locked in Twitch against Froggen's Olaf.

Froggen brought the Mark summoner spell, which allows you to throw a snowball at your opponent. If the snowball hits, you can press the spell again to teleport right to them.

That can cause problems if the player you are teleporting to is just finishing a recall back to the safety of the base, as Froggen found out the hard way.

Just look at their faces when it happened.

The pros had some fun with it.

Froggen appealed for a rematch and Doublelift accepted, and then it happened again.

Another rematch was called for (Froggen says Doublelift asked for it, not him), and this time Doublelift won in simpler fashion to advance to the final.