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Rick Fox purchases League of Legends team for reported $1 million, will rebrand as Echo Fox

Echo Fox will replace Gravity in the NA LCS.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Rick Fox has purchased Gravity Gaming and will rebrand the team to Echo Fox before the NA LCS spring split, ESPN's Darren Rovell reports. The Daily Dot reported in December that Gravity had been sold for around "roughly" $1 million, but the buyer was not known at that time.

A 14-year NBA pro who won three titles with the Lakers, Fox has previously shown an interest in esports. He called pro gamers athletes on The View, and hit Utah Jazz forward/avid gamer Gordon Hayward with a surprise question about TSM's acquisition of Doublelift.

No word yet on if Fox is still a CLG fan after purchasing a different NA LCS team.

Gravity was one of the surprise success of last split, finishing fourth in the regular season after entering the season without much hype as a contender. But now Echo Fox will have to rebuild with a completely new roster: support Bunny FuFuu left for Cloud9, top laner Hauntzer left for TSM and AD Carry Altec joined NRG, a new team purchased by co-owners of the Sacramento Kings.