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Josh Norman calls for NFL action against Odell Beckham's 'malicious' helmet-to-helmet hit

The Josh Norman-Odell Beckham Jr. feud did not end after the game.

As a football matchup, Josh Norman v. Odell Beckham Jr. was great theater on its own. Norman largely bottled up the wideout, until late when Beckham beat the Defensive Player of the Year candidate for a touchdown that completed a 28-point comeback for the Giants.

The budding rivalry wasn't contained to their talent Sunday, however. After Norman diminished Beckham's ability during the week, the two frequently spent Sunday's game fighting. Norman and several of his Panthers teammates were upset with Beckham for a helmet-to-helmet that blindsided Norman. Beckham arguably should have been ejected for the play, but officials left him in the game.

Here's video of the helmet-to-helmet hit:

Norman went off on Beckham after the game, calling the hit "malicious" and advocating for the NFL to take action against the wideout. In an on-field interview with Steve Overmyer of CBS 2 in New York shortly after the game ended, he had heated words for Beckham.

Norman composed himself for his locker room interview in front of reporters, but held little back.

According to Norman, not only was Beckham "hunting" on the field, but he also highlighted what he believes is a double standard applied to cornerbacks and wide receivers by NFL officials.

Norman's teammate Cortland Finnegan, who was burned by Beckham for a 40-yard gain on the Giants' final offensive possession, stuck up for Norman with some comments he may like to take back.

Beckham defended himself and the two personal fouls he committed, saying that "the second man always gets caught." On the play in question, however, it'd be hard to argue that he didn't initiate contact. Even Giants head Tom Coughlin admitted that Beckham lost his composure, but felt that leaving him in the game would be more beneficial to the young receiver.

It'd be surprising if Beckham did not incur some form of punishment from the NFL. And if you're looking forward to more trash talk, Norman was mic'd up during the game.