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Chargers fans and players treated Sunday's game like it was their last in San Diego

Emotions ran high in Qualcomm Stadium with relocation looming for the Chargers.

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No decision has been made about the fate of the San Diego Chargers. They are one of three teams, along with the St. Louis Rams and Oakland Raiders, that could be relocated to Los Angeles pending a vote among league owners in January.

Chargers players and fans treated Sunday's game against the Miami Dolphins like it might the last game ever played at Qualcomm Stadium. It was a good day for everyone in the midst of a trying season. The Chargers won convincingly, 30-14, behind three touchdown passes from Philip Rivers and four total touchdowns scored by Danny Woodhead.

After the game, players were emotional. Veterans like Rivers, safety Eric Weddle and wide receiver Malcom Floyd stayed on the field until long after the game ended. They signed autographs for fans who didn't want to leave, and soaked in Qualcomm Stadium one last time.

Weddle was last to leave (interestingly, head coach Mike McCoy was second to last). He laid down in the middle of the field, picking grass.

Rivers spoke to the media after the game, and it was clear as he held back tears that Sunday's game meant a lot to him. He even signed his shoes and gave them to fans before returning to the locker room, shoeless.

Reporters at Qualcomm were overwhelmed by the atmosphere in the stadium. The Chargers fanbase has been criticized at times, perhaps rightly, for failing to turn out every week for its team. There seemed to be no question that the love was flowing freely Sunday.

Fans reacted to the situation in different ways. Some celebrated, some were melancholy, and others were angry with ownership for trying to take their team from them.

Tailgating entertainment.... Last home game of the season.. And possibly for forever if they leave San Diego...

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You knew someone would do it! #sandiegochargers #chargerfan

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It is important to understand that many fans and players lose a big part of their identity when their teams move. It's easy to make fun of the Chargers -- their lack of success, and a home atmosphere that was frequently dominated by visiting teams -- but Sunday was a hard day for a lot of people in San Diego.