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Steve Harvey gave the crown to the wrong Miss Universe and his night somehow got worse

Poor Steve just kept digging.

Steve Harvey's job as host of the Miss Universe pageant was to correctly say who won the Miss Universe pageant. Suffice it to say, Steve Harvey did not do his job:

Harvey announced Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez, as the winner of the pageant, when in fact, the winner was supposed to be Miss Philippines, Pia Wurtzbach. This led to the very awkward moment where the crown was removed from Miss Colombia and given to Miss Philippines:

However, it was just the beginning in a long string of catastrophes for Harvey. Let's break down his evening of unfortunate mistakes:

Steve ruins the biggest moment of two people's lives

Steve! You botched the moment these women dreamed of! I'm sure both winner and runner-up would've been much happier if they'd just had the order announced the way they were supposed to.

Steve lets us know he isn't good at reading cards

Steve! Your lifelong job is reading things off cards! This is, indeed, a modestly confusing card. But your job is reading off cards! You host the dang Feud! How can you make this mistake at such a critical time!

Steve apologizes to two things that aren't countries


Steve earns praise from Magic Johnson for his television performance

If Magic Johnson compliments your basketball playing, that means you're probably good at basketball: He was once very good at basketball. If Magic Johnson compliments your television presentation abilities, you need to make sure you're never seen on camera again. It's over.

Steve, you thought you had hit rock bottom earlier in the evening. You were wrong. This is as bad as it gets.

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