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Stephen Curry finishes GOAT year by wearing a Chewbacca backpack

Stephen Curry didn't play on Wednesday in Golden State's second loss of the season, but he was collecting wins anyway in the locker room after the game with this wonderful, wonderful backpack.

While he didn't talk with media after the game due to his absence (he has a bruised left leg that isn't considered serious), Curry paused a couple times for pictures of his Star Wars-inspired bag. I snagged a photo as he filled up a to-go box with barbeque. As someone astutely pointed out to me on Twitter, teammate Andrew Bogut has a serious Stormtrooper vibe next to him, which -- if I may humbly say so myself -- makes this photo even better.

(Unrelated: Bogut couldn't find the cornbread, so I pointed it out to him. Even NBA stars need a helping hand from lowly bloggers sometimes.)

We've previously discussed how Curry has had one of the greatest years of all time by anyone ever. With these backpack shenanigans, is it safe to say we can drop the "one of the" garbage and just officially declare Steph's 2015 the greatest year any human has ever lived? Yes. Yes we can.

Congrats Steph. You did it.