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Wizards-Suns finish was strangest in the NBA this year

A foul on a 3-point shooter, an appalled announcer and a truly bizarre delay of game technical.

The Suns and the Wizards played a really mediocre game with 41 combined turnovers on Friday, but one of the more bizarre finishes in the NBA this year nearly redeemed it. Here's a brief play-by-play of what happened.

1. Bradley Beal fouls Brandon Knight on a 3-pointer with just seconds left and Washington's announcer, Steve Buckhantz, is appalled

Washington led 108-105, so Knight went to the line with a chance to tie.

2. Knight misses the first free throw, hits the second
3. Markieff Morris keeps switching sides in the free throw lane (???) and gets a technical for it

I honestly am not sure what I even just watched, but of course Markieff is smack dab in the middle of it.

4. Beal misses the technical free throw
5. Knight intentionally misses his free throw but the Wizards grab the rebound

Garrett Temple is able to seal the 109-106 win at the line for Washington in a bizarre finish.