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Super Bowl 2015 live chat

Come talk about the Super Bowl with SB Nation contributors and friends.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Mark Sandritter [10:08 PM]:


Russell Wilson throws game-ending interception to Malcolm Butler

The Seahawks were a few yards away from a go-ahead score. Instead, they threw this interception: [10:07 PM]:

has the game ended

WoahCam [10:06 PM]:

now every analyst is about to be an offensive coordinator [10:06 PM]:

so what’s going on?

mattstaboy [10:00 PM]:

Game. Russell picked off.

WoahCam [9:57 PM]:


mattstaboy [9:57 PM]:


ty for update on score, dish out due to snow in pa

Louis Bien [9:53 PM]:

For those who can’t tune in: 28-24 Patriots, under 2:00 with the Seahawks driving. second-and-10 at the 50

Louis Bien [9:52 PM]:

I’m definitely not doing it right

Louis Bien [9:52 PM]:

@WoahCam I don’t think you’re doing it right [9:51 PM]:

so what’s the score?

WoahCam [9:51 PM]:

@Louis Bien it only took us 3 hours and 20 minutes to get to the fun part

mattstaboy [9:51 PM]:’s all gonna come down to this

Mark Sandritter [9:51 PM]:

Well that’s one way to start a potential game-winning drive

Louis Bien [9:50 PM]:


Jaden Z [9:47 PM]:


WoahCam [9:39 PM]:

run the dang ball

Mark Sandritter [9:31 PM]:


Super Bowl 2015: Tom Brady breaks Joe Montana's touchdown record

Super Bowl 49 is underway, and Tom Brady just broke one of Joe Montana’s records.

lisamarie [9:24 PM]:

can we get a regular post on the score please

Matt Brown [9:22 PM]:


ritphot [9:13 PM]:

could the announcers be anymore of Seahawk fans? i thought he was going to cream his panties when they scored

Spencer Hall [9:10 PM]:

Matt Brown [9:10 PM]:

Don’t count out touchdown tom

MisterWu [9:01 PM]:

Brady is getting that “oh god, what is Gisele gonna say to the press after this” look of fear in his eyes

Mark Sandritter [9:01 PM]:


Richard Sherman tells everybody he's better than Darrelle Revis after Seahawks TD

“24! 24! TOUCHDOWN!”

Mark Sandritter [9:01 PM]:

Michael Bennett has flipped this entire game

Matt Brown [8:54 PM]:

mattstaboy [8:51 PM]:


pjlawrence81 [8:50 PM]:

Does Lynch ever fumble w/ all the contact he takes?

MisterWu [8:48 PM]:

maybe the Pats should’ve stuck with the “if we gain 3.35 yds every play then we’re unstoppable” plan

pjlawrence81 [8:48 PM]:

I’m thinking that SEA TD at the end of the 1st half took the wind out of NE’s sails. Hawks got all the momentum right now

mattstaboy [8:48 PM]:

2 picks for tom… man I’m good at my SB bets

Louis Bien [8:47 PM]:

this feels real bad for the Patriots

Kim McCauley [8:44 PM]:

have the pats run anything that isn’t a flat-slant combo

Chris Haines [8:41 PM]:

That Microsoft Surface placement was so natural in Belichick’s hand just now.

Mike Prada [8:39 PM]:

Clash of clans ad is definitely the best so far

WoahCam [8:38 PM]:

Kim McCauley [8:37 PM]:

Matt Brown [8:36 PM]:

Feel like there was an XFL team that had a similar jersey to Perry’s fire dress

mattstaboy [8:35 PM]:

nice play action

Ryan Van Bibber [8:33 PM]:


Ryan Van Bibber [8:33 PM]:


Super Bowl halftime show 2015: Katy Perry kills it

Katy Perry was the performer at halftime, and she did a damn fine job blasting her wide array of pop hits.

WoahCam [8:32 PM]:

Jason Kirk [8:32 PM]:

Jason Kirk [8:28 PM]:

Bill Connelly [8:27 PM]:

Even when Bob Costas’ eyes are fine, I think they’re messed up now.

Jason Kirk [8:27 PM]:

Jason Kirk [8:27 PM]:

Bill Connelly [8:26 PM]:

MstrToolTime [8:25 PM]:

Wow.. one of the best half time shows Ive seen

ahfreeman [8:24 PM]:

wait, “More You Know” star

Matt Brown [8:24 PM]:

The internet should design every super bowl halftime show

ahfreeman [8:23 PM]:

Katy Perry ridin’ the Reading Rainbow

burpsngiggles [8:21 PM]:

well now its missy e, it got real

dlraar [8:20 PM]:

Missy Elliot?

Jason Kirk [8:18 PM]:

WoahCam [8:18 PM]:

Spencer Hall [8:17 PM]:

She has singing sharks. I’m okay with this

Kim McCauley [8:14 PM]:

mattstaboy [8:13 PM]:

@WoahCam I’m looking for any triangles

MisterWu [8:12 PM]:

Katy Perry is riding Voltron

WoahCam [8:12 PM]:

Over/Under how many illuminati references will we get

Louis Bien [8:11 PM]:

Katy Perry is our new alien overlord

Chris Haines [8:09 PM]:

@Louis Bien That is an awesome picture

Louis Bien [8:07 PM]: [8:05 PM]:


MisterWu [8:05 PM]:

That TD was the Archie Slap of playcalling #Rocknrollamovie

Chris Haines [8:02 PM]:

LegionOfBooBoos [8:01 PM]:

my mom hates all dads

Spencer Hall [7:59 PM]:

Phil Simms hated that play call

Matt Brown [7:58 PM]:

mattstaboy [7:58 PM]:

called it

WoahCam [7:57 PM]:

Carrie Underwood: “Waitin all day for ads about dads”

MisterWu [7:54 PM]:

Eddie Vedder really needs to write a soundtrack for all these dad-rock demographic/agonized kid ads

Kim McCauley [7:53 PM]:

I’ve had it up to here with brands

RollEagleWarTide [7:53 PM]:


WoahCam [7:53 PM]:

Jason Kirk [7:52 PM]:


Kanye West does not appreciate your Super Bowl selfies with him

LegionOfBooBoos [7:52 PM]:

dead kids you guys :(

Chris Haines [7:51 PM]:


Rob Gronkowski abuses K.J. Wright to give Patriots lead

Rob Gronkowski reiterated why he is perhaps the best tight end in football on a 22-yard score.

rhoward10 [7:51 PM]:

what up who is going to wen the super bowl

Mike Prada [7:50 PM]:

Ok that square space ad was

WoahCam [7:50 PM]:


MisterWu [7:50 PM]:

now mangled children missing limbs

RollEagleWarTide [7:49 PM]:

@mattsinger Too Soon

Chris Haines [7:49 PM]:


Neil deGrasse Tyson is live-tweeting the Super Bowl with awesome science facts

Kim McCauley [7:48 PM]:

Chris Haines [7:48 PM]:

MisterWu [7:48 PM]:

the avocado industry is winning

taylorven [7:48 PM]:

@Matt Brigidi children are watching

Chris Haines [7:48 PM]:

Matt Brigidi [7:47 PM]:

cut off gronk spike, wtf

WoahCam [7:47 PM]:

@Jason Kirk Avocado 2- World 0

RollEagleWarTide [7:47 PM]:

Don’t tell anyone but the Bacon Clubhouse Burger at McDonalds is literally identical to a Shake Shake Burger with Bacon.

EdgarAllenPoe69 [7:47 PM]:

@petergmcgoo On the moon this year.

Jason Kirk [7:46 PM]:

Chris Haines [7:46 PM]:

petergmcgoo [7:46 PM]:

where is the Superbowl

Chris Haines [7:45 PM]:


Chris Haines [7:44 PM]:

Matt Brown [7:44 PM]:

Totally forgot that the main children’s hospital in Columbus is named after Nationwide. WHOOPS

petergmcgoo [7:44 PM]:

Go Seahawks

WoahCam [7:44 PM]:

Spencer Hall [7:41 PM]:

If putting viagra in something turns it into a Fiat it just means your dick is going to break down in three months

Chris Haines [7:41 PM]:

Kim McCauley [7:39 PM]:

WoahCam [7:38 PM]:

Matt Brown [7:37 PM]:

Mike Prada [7:37 PM]:

I’m not dancing for a quarter pounder

MetalChick [7:36 PM]:

I’ll admit. That’s kind of a cool promotion McDonalds

WoahCam [7:36 PM]:


Chris Haines [7:35 PM]:


Chris Haines [7:35 PM]:

Pete Carroll celebration face dot gif

MisterWu [7:34 PM]:

400,000 extra units of Skittles are en route to Seattle right now

mattstaboy [7:33 PM]:

seahawks just woke up

Chris Haines [7:32 PM]:

mattstaboy [7:31 PM]:

nice catch

percy1133 [7:30 PM]:

So, when is BEEFFTANK supposed to show up?

Chris Haines [7:30 PM]:

Jeremy F. Koo [7:30 PM]: