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It's crazy how no one's talking about the Seahawks' second straight Super Bowl win

SB Nation's resident Seahawks fan blacked out in the final moments of Super Bowl XLIX but assumes everything turned out just fine.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Man, what a great Super Bowl!

It's been a week and a half, and I still can't believe that Jermaine Kearse managed to haul in that miracle catch: tipped by a defender, off Kearse's hands, off both his legs, then off another hand before he finally corralled it on his back. Like the announcers -- and most people watching the game -- I thought the pass was incomplete before realizing I had just witnessed something miraculous: the Patriots' third straight Super Bowl undone by an impossible catch.

There was, of course, the matter of scoring the winning touchdown, a mere formality after Marshawn Lynch bulled his way inside the 1-yard line on first-and-goal. With three plays to gain 24 inches and a timeout remaining, the Seahawks' second straight championship was assured. Unfortunately, I blacked out at that moment -- I assume from happiness, although it's possible I hit my head while jumping around to celebrate Kearse's catch -- and so did not see the winning touchdown.

And here's the weird thing: I can't find the highlight of the winning touchdown anywhere. SportsCenter didn't show the winning touchdown the next day. It's not on Even Google's no help.

Seahawks Google

WTF? This is the Information Age, yet I can't find a simple box score that says "Seahawks 31, Patriots 28." The Super Bowl was supposedly watched by 115 million people, yet no one's talking about the Seahawks' dramatic victory to become the NFL's first repeat champions since the Patriots a decade ago.

And I still don't know who won Super Bowl MVP! My first guess would have been Marshawn Lynch, but that can't be right -- Roger Goodell handing him the MVP trophy would have been all over the Internet. Beast Mode would've said something memorable (or nothing, memorably). So then, who? Russell Wilson? He had a great game after a slow start, throwing countless deep passes right on the money. Or did the voters get wise and select Michael Bennett? He was a disruptive force on the line the entire game.

If you know which Seahawk won Super Bowl MVP, please comment on this post or send me an email. I'm dying to know!

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Here's another perplexing thing: I saw two Patriots on the Grammy Awards -- Julian Edelman and some anonymous guy who messed up his line. I guess Edelman's noteworthy for surviving a murderous hit by Kam Chancellor and scoring the game's penultimate touchdown, but the other guy? What'd he do? I guess whoever runs the Grammys felt bad for them.

If there's a benefit to this odd silence about Seattle's second straight Super Bowl victory, it's that I'm not hearing commentators debate if this Seattle team is a dynasty. It's nice to enjoy the win without immediately trying to place it in historical context. Besides, this team isn't done yet. The talented core is still young, and GM John Schneider manages the salary cap smartly. So watch out, NFL -- the Seahawks are going for three in a row!