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Watch Russell Westbrook critique NBA fashion

The Oklahoma City Thunder star is known as a fashion aficionado, so we asked him to judge some of his peers' choices.

Russell Westbrook is easily one of the most fashion-conscious players in the NBA. His looks range from sleek to eek, but each outfit is deliberate and validates his proclamation that he's the "fashion king of the NBA."

I caught up with Westbrook during All-Star weekend at his True Religion event and asked him to critique some of the NBA's boldest looks. Here are his thoughts on Spencer Hawes's holiday suit, Paul George's travel style, Dwight Howard's geometric jacket, Andrew Wiggins's draft day suit, Larry Brown's 70s-tastic denim overalls and the steer-inspired jacket that Clyde Frazier resurrected for the All-Star game. He even got to critique on of his own red carpet looks.

One of these looks impressed Westbrook so much that he said he'd add it to his own rotation. Spoiler alert: it wasn't Howard's jacket.