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Every important NBA trade rumor in one place

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Keep up with the madness of the NBA trade deadline right here.

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The NBA trade deadline is on February 19, but trade season has increasingly lengthened as contracts have grown shorter and teams continue to get more desperate. Teams used to procrastinate on deals until the last minute. Now, the deals begin shortly after December 15 and continue at a steady pace until one last rush before the deadline.

We've seen that pattern play out this season. For the second year in a row, there was a December surprise. Last year, it was Rudy Gay heading to Sacramento in a deal that completely changed the Raptors' fortunes. This season, it was Rajon Rondo finally getting traded from the Celtics. Deals like that never used to happen so early in the season.

A busy trade season is already underway following Rondo's move to Dallas. With no clear favorite for the title, there are upwards of 14 teams acting like they have a chance to go deep in the playoffs. The West is wide open from 1-to-9 and the East has four legitimate contenders. That doesn't even count the Cavaliers, who have experienced serious growing pains and are desperate to make moves before LeBron James' first season back turns into a disaster.

We'll be keeping track of all important rumors leading up to the February 19 deadline. Click here for a list of completed trades.

Last update: 3:22 p.m.

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The big names


FEB. 19: Brandon Knight to Suns, Michael Carter-Williams to Bucks, Isaiah Thomas to Celtics

FEB. 19: K.J. McDaniels traded to Rockets

FEB. 19: Pablo Prigioni traded to Rockets for two second-rounders

FEB. 19: Norris Cole traded to Pelicans

FEB. 19: Tayshaun Prince traded to Pistons

The Goran Dragic situation

FEB. 19: Goran Dragic traded to Heat

FEB. 19: Heat offering Cole, McRoberts, Andersen, two firsts for Dragic

FEB. 19: Suns still pushing to trade Isaiah Thomas, keep Dragic

FEB. 19: Suns' owner blocking any Dragic trade

FEB. 19: Heat offering two first-rounders for Dragic

FEB. 19: Knicks offering Calderon, Hardaway for Dragic

FEB. 19: Dragic won't sign with Rockets

FEB. 19: Kings reluctant to trade for Dragic without long-term commitment

FEB. 19: Suns' owner refusing to accommodate Dragic

FEB. 18: Suns trying to package Goran Dragic with brother Zoran

FEB. 18: Suns want promising young player, first-rounder for Dragic

FEB. 18: Dragic says he doesn't trust Suns anymore

FEB. 18: Suns won't deal with Dragic's preferred teams

FEB. 18: Miles Plumlee could be attached to Dragic trade

FEB. 18: Celtics, Rockets, Kings and Pacers also interested in Dragic

FEB. 17: Celtics interested in Isaiah Thomas

FEB. 17: Knicks, Lakers and Heat on Dragic's list of preferred teams

FEB. 17: Dragic tells Suns he wants out

FEB. 17: "Extremely unlikely" Dragic gets traded

FEB. 17: Thomas, Gerald Green more likely to be traded

FEB. 17: Suns exploring Dragic trades, but want to keep him

FEB. 14: Suns want to trade Thomas, keep Dragic

FEB. 13: Rockets plotting to get Dragic back

FEB. 13: Heat interested in Dragic

FEB. 12: Lakers, Rockets will pursue Dragic

FEB. 12: Suns want first-round pick for Dragic

FEB. 11: Suns GM says roster balance "a little off"

Reggie Jackson

FEB. 19: Reggie Jackson traded to Pistons

FEB. 19: Thunder talking to Pacers about Reggie Jackson

FEB. 19: Pistons also after Reggie Jackson

FEB. 19: Four-team blockbuster involving Lopez, Garnett, Reggie Jackson, Jarrett Jack close

FEB. 19: Thunder will try for Norris Cole if they move Reggie Jackson

FEB. 19: Brook Lopez for Jackson talks are "serious"

FEB. 18: Celtics showing interest in Jackson

FEB. 18: Jackson turned down 4-years, $48 million from OKC

FEB. 18: Nets a "possibility" for Jackson

FEB. 18: Jackson requests a trade from Thunder

FEB. 17: Bucks interested in Jackson

FEB. 17: Rivals expect Jackson to be dealt

FEB. 14: Heat interested in Jackson

JAN. 28: Thunder nearly traded Jackson to Nuggets

JAN. 20: Jackson understands he could be traded

JAN. 6: Knicks to re-engage Thunder on trading for Jackson

Enes Kanter

FEB. 19: Thunder acquire Enes Kanter in 3-team deal involving Jackson

FEB. 19: Thunder considering late deal to get Kanter

FEB. 18: Bucks interested in Kanter

FEB 17: Jazz will only deal Kanter for "amazing" offer

FEB. 14: Celtics "monitoring" Kanter situation

FEB. 12: Kanter requests a trade

The Nets' fire sale

FEB. 19: Kevin Garnett traded to Timberwolves for Thaddeus Young

FEB. 19: Thunder exploring other trade before agreeing to acquire Lopez

FEB. 19: Jarrett Jack could go to Wizards or Pistons

FEB. 19: Nets, Wolves waiting for Garnett to waive no-trade clause

FEB. 19: Four-team blockbuster involving Lopez, Garnett, Reggie Jackson, Jack close

FEB. 19: 76ers may be involved in Garnett/Young trade

FEB. 19: Kevin Garnett may waive no-trade clause

FEB. 19: Brook Lopez for Reggie Jackson talks are "serious"

FEB. 18: No buyout interest from Kevin Garnett

FEB. 18: Timberwolves want Garnett, would trade Thaddeus Young

FEB. 18: Joe Johnson admits his name is "out there"

FEB. 18: Pistons offer Brandon Jennings, other expiring contracts for Johnson

FEB. 17: Pistons reach out about Johnson

FEB. 2: Nets reject JaVale McGee/J.J. Hickson/first-round pick for Lopez

JAN. 16: Nets turn down Thunder deal, pull Lopez off market

JAN. 16: Thunder, Nets talking directly on Lopez deal

JAN. 16: 3-team Lopez/Lance Stephenson deal is dead

JAN. 15: Lopez to Thunder, Stephenson to Nets in 3-team deal?

JAN. 14: Heat show "strong interest" in trading for Lopez

DEC. 24: Mason Plumlee becomes sticking point in Kings-Nets blockbuster

DEC. 20: Kings, Nets discussing blockbuster Deron Williams trade

DEC. 9: Nets put Lopez, Williams, Johnson on block

The many Nuggets

FEB. 19: JaVale McGee traded to 76ers

FEB. 19: Arron Afflalo traded to Blazers

FEB. 19: Nuggets pulling Ty Lawson off block

FEB 19: Denver wants multiple picks for Afflalo and Chandler

FEB. 18: Nuggets shopping Lawson, coach wants George Hill

FEB. 18: Blazers close to getting Arron Afflalo for first-round pick

FEB. 18: Blazers interested in Afflalo

FEB. 17: Kings pursuing Afflalo

FEB. 17: Blazers hot after Wilson Chandler, would also take Afflalo

FEB. 17: Nuggets aren't "actively" shopping Ty Lawson

FEB. 17: Thunder interested in Afflalo

FEB. 16: Lawson, Kenneth Faried available for "godfather" offer

FEB. 16: Celtics, Nuggets talked Lawson trade

FEB. 12: Kings in the Afflalo sweepstakes

FEB. 11: Bulls discuss Arron Afflalo

JAN. 14: Clippers, Blazers interested in Chandler

DEC. 25: Nuggets tell Chandler they want to keep him

Anyone want Lance Stephenson?

FEB. 15: Stephenson loves Nets, feeling isn't mutual

JAN 25: Nets, Hornets discussing Johnson/Stephenson trade.

JAN. 6: Hornets still engaging on Stephenson trade proposals

DEC. 19: Hornets remove Stephenson from trade block

DEC. 14: Hornets put Stephenson on the block, target Nets and Pacers

DEC. 14: Pacers discussing bringing Stephenson back

David West

FEB. 16: Raptors after West, probably won't get him

FEB. 16: Raptors willing to deal Terrence Ross in West trade

FEB. 9: Pacers made West available for first-rounder

Other rumors

FEB. 19: Wizards trade Andre Miller for Ramon Sessions

FEB. 19: Celtics might do nothing

FEB. 18: Hornets likely to stand pat

FEB. 18: Brandon Bass doesn't want a buyout

FEB. 18: Everyone but Bosh, Wade, Whiteside "available" for Heat

FEB. 18: Wolves won't buy out Kevin Martin

FEB. 18: Timberwolves trying to attach Chase Budinger to any Gary Neal deal

FEB. 18: Heat want to move Danny Granger with Norris Cole, Pistons interested

FEB. 18: Lakers "unlikely" to make a move

FEB. 18: Neal on the block, Hawks monitoring

FEB. 18: Wizards ask about Ramon Sessions

FEB. 18: Lakers "highly unlikely" to trade Jordan Hill

FEB. 18: Bulls interested in Kevin Martin

FEB. 18: Wizards willing to trade first-rounder for right piece

FEB. 18: Wizards pursuing Cole

FEB. 18: Masai Ujiri says Terrence Ross isn't available

FEB. 18: Clippers put Jamal Crawford on market

FEB. 17: Draymond Green eying max offer from Pistons in summer

FEB. 17: Knicks, Lakers interested in Miles Plumlee

FEB. 17: Celtics waiting for better offers on Tayshaun Prince, Brandon Bass

FEB. 17: DeMarcus Cousins isn't getting traded

FEB. 16: Jason Thompson wants out from Sacramento

FEB. 13: Wizards, Nuggets talk Jameer Nelson deal

FEB. 13: Kings expected to be "aggressive" with George Karl

FEB. 12: Magic make Andrew Nicholson available

FEB. 11: Heat turn down Norris Cole for Jonas Jerekbo trade

FEB. 10: Cavaliers looking to move Brendan Haywood's contract

FEB. 6: Wizards interested in Kevin Martin?

FEB. 5: Taj Gibson may be on the market

JAN. 26: Good chance Pablo Prigioni gets traded

JAN. 26: Teams calling Magic about Maurice Harkless

JAN 19: Suns shopping Miles Plumlee

JAN. 17: Celtics will shop Tayshaun Prince before buying him out

JAN. 16: Heat shopping Norris Cole

JAN. 16: Wolves willing to move Thaddeus Young, Nets interested

JAN. 15: Kings put Nik Stauskas on block for frontcourt help

JAN. 14: Michael Carter-Williams "available" in trades

JAN. 14: Lakers reportedly call about Greg Monroe, Brandon Jennings.

JAN. 12: Knicks trying to trade Jose Calderon, Andrea Bargnani

JAN. 9: 76ers may have reneged on agreement to release Andrei Kirilenko

JAN. 6: Clippers won't trade Jamal Crawford

DEC. 25: Cavaliers inquire about Lakers' Robert Sacre

DEC. 17: Greg Monroe denies wanting to be traded

DEC. 12: Everyone shoots down a weird Carmelo Anthony trade rumor

DEC. 8: Cavaliers targeting Kosta Koufos in deal with Grizzlies

DEC. 1: Hornets will to trade anyone except Kemba Walker, Al Jefferson, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

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