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Kendrick Perkins, Ray Allen lead the NBA buyout market

Several veterans will be bought out by lottery teams and could join playoff contenders. Here's a look at the names on the market this year.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Thursday's trade deadline saw an explosion of movement in the minutes leading up to the deadline. An NBA-record 37 players (almost 10 percent of the entire league!) were sent to different teams, the equivalent percentage of 143 NFL players.

And there are more players who could switch teams. Several clubs have already bought out unneeded veterans and more will be on the market soon. One major name -- Amar'e Stoudemire to Dallas -- has already dropped, but a handful of likely candidates are primed to hit free agency in the near future.

Contenders looking to solidify a bench or stop up a small weakness now have a chance to do so. Most of these players are only looking for a veteran's minimum and a realistic shot at a deep playoff run. In years past, bought out players have made valuable contributions to an eventual champion. Who can forget P.J. Brown's role for the Celtics in 2008 or Boris Diaw's renaissance with the Spurs?

Here's a comprehensive list of buyout candidates.

Kendrick Perkins

Likelihood of buyout: 100 percent

Teams interested: Bulls, Clippers, Cavaliers (via Yahoo!)

Perkins was not long with the Jazz, who dealt Enes Kanter to Oklahoma City in part to secure more minutes for their other big men. The 30-year-old doesn't offer much on the court, averaging four points and six rebounds in 20 minutes this season, but his toughness and leadership is respected around the league. The Bulls and Clippers make sense as likely destinations, since Perkins played for Doc Rivers and Tom Thibodeau in Boston.

Thomas Robinson

Likelihood of a buyout: 100 percent

Being traded halfway through a promising rookie year has set a precedent for Robinson, who is looking for his fourth team before he turns 24 in March. Robinson earned a situational role in Portland this season, playing 30 games as a plus defender while shooting 52 percent from the floor. With his next contract this season, Robinson is reportedly looking for an expanded role and maybe some stability.

Shawne Williams

Likelihood of buyout: 100 percent (via Yahoo)

After a couple of non-consecutive years out of the league, Williams was in the midst of his best NBA season with Miami before he was shipped to New Orleans in the Goran Dragic blockbuster. He's a 3-point shooter and has size at 6'9, but has made a negligible impact defensively for Miami this season. Still, several playoff teams could use a player shooting 39.5 percent from behind the arc.

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Danny Granger

Likelihood of buyout: 90 percent

Injuries have been cruel to Granger. Just four years removed from playing 79 games and averaging 21 points, the 31-year-old is a broken down version of himself, only playing 30 games in Miami while scoring six points. He is shooting 35.7 percent from deep and could potentially add shooting to someone's bench, but there are better options out there.

John Salmons

Likelihood of a buyout: 90 percent

If the 35-year-old Salmons chooses to continue his career, he'd have a chance to join the seventh NBA franchise of his career. However, he barely played in New Orleans and doesn't seem to have much left in the tank.

Ray Allen

Already a free agent

Teams interested: Cavaliers, Hawks, Wizards, others

After last year's Finals loss, Allen has debated retirement and taken an extended vacation this season. However, if he chooses to make one more return, several teams have expressed interest in the future Hall of Famer and NBA leading 3-point shooter. Allen is known for a tireless work ethic and there is little doubt he could fit right into a team headed for the playoffs should he sign sometime soon.

Tayshaun Prince

Likelihood of a buyout: 75 percent

Teams interested: Clippers (via NBC Sports)

Prince's homecoming may just be a matter of days. A last-minute deal with Boston sent the member of the 2004 Pistons champion team back to Detroit, but Prince appears to have his eyes on playing for an actual contender. The Clippers have been rumored to be the obvious fit, since they're desperate for wing help in any shape or form.

Gary Neal

Likelihood of a buyout: 75 percent

Teams interested: "4-5 playoff teams," including the Hawks and Wizards

The offensive sparkplug is still looking for the right situation after spending the first three years of his career in San Antonio. Neal struggled immensely in the Charlotte offense this season, but with the Hornet's myriad issues, it's likely teams will look past that and see the player who knocked down big shots for the Spurs and is a 38 percent career 3-point shooter.

Andrei Kirilenko

Likelihood of a buyout: 75 percent (via ESPN)

The Sixers ended up with Kirilenko in a small move last December and hung onto him through the deadline, hoping to swap him for -- what else -- a draft pick. Unable to find a suitor, they are expected to buy him out. Kirilenko has been largely ineffective the past two seasons due to injuries, but could be looking to join one more team in hopes of a deep playoff push.

Andrea Bargnani

Likelihood of a buyout: 50 percent

Talks of a buy out for Bargnani are mostly speculation so far, but with the Knicks almost below the luxury tax, it makes sense.

JaVale McGee

Likelihood of a buyout: 0 percent (via Yahoo!)

Even if he doesn't play, it appears McGee will remain in Philadelphia this season. The 76ers let Denver dump his massive salary in exchange for protected draft pick.

Kevin Martin

Likelihood of a buyout: 0 percent

Martin won't be bought out in part because Flip Saunders "loves him," according to USA Today Sports. While his presence creates a small problem with minutes distribution (mainly with Andrew Wiggins), it's not enough to get rid of a productive player who is having a fantastic season in his role off the bench.


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