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Chris Conley did WHAT at the NFL Combine?

Chris Conley nearly hit *multiple* records at the NFL Combine, which is pretty ridiculous.

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Georgia WR Chris Conley is showing his freakish athletic ability at the NFL Combine, putting together perhaps the most impressive individual show in combine history.

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Conley ran a 4.35 40, which is impressive, sure. It's the third-fastest time amongst wide receivers at the combine. Which is good.

But on the standing vertical leap, he jumped 45 inches. That's the best ever by a wide receiver, and one off combine record of 46 inches set by safety Donald Washington in 2006.

And on the broad jump, he jumped 11 feet, seven inches. That's also a record for wide receivers, and ties the combine record set by defensive end Jamie Collins in 2013.

Here's all three in one Vine:

Conley is 6'2, so he's not exactly small. He's showing that he has explosive speed, explosive leaping ability, and explosive burst. There are questions about his game -- he ranked No. 25 on our list of best wide receiver prospects after the end of the NFL season, which would make him a late-round pick -- and combine stars don't always pan out. But he gave his stock a huge boost today.

While you're reading about Conley, you might as well watch the 26-minute Star Wars movie he made featuring his Georgia coach Mark Richt.

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