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Kansas State fans pin Bill Self, check Kansas player during court storm

Opponents of court-storming will point to this video as a prime example of why fans should stay in the stands after exciting wins.

Kansas State fans flooded the court after their upset of No. 8 Kansas. Jayhawks coach Bill Self got caught in the rush, getting pinned up against the scorers table by the crush of fans:

Elsewhere, Kansas forward Jamari Traylor took a hit from a fan:

Bruce Weber yelled in a frenzy, apparently trying to get fans to get away from Self:

Court-storming has come under fire on a lot of fronts. Some people are against it because they just feel like it's a bad way to celebrate a victory -- like Kansas fans, who have never stormed the court at Allen Fieldhouse after a home game. Others bring up the issue of safety for fans, players and coaches. Seeing fans crashing into coaches and players, you can understand where that concern comes from.

After the game, Self spoke about the storm:

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