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Wisconsin's basketball team lost to its airplane too

Wisconsin's Tuesday night began with a loss to Maryland and ended with an emergency landing during its flight home to Madison.

The Wisconsin basketball team had a rough Tuesday night. After losing to Maryland to snap a 10-game winning streak, the team's flight home out of Baltimore was forced to make an emergency landing in Pittsburgh due to engine malfunction. Everyone is safe and no one was hurt, thankfully, but the Badgers probably would have preferred to be in their own beds by now.

The flight was delayed for 90 minutes while the flight crew struggled to close the plane's door, according to the Wisconsin State Journal. That should have been taken as an omen. The flight got off the ground okay, but shortly after getting airborne members of the travel party noticed that the plane was making a sharp descent. Ten minutes later, the plane landed safely in Pittsburgh with emergency vehicles nearby on the tarmac.

Several Wisconsin players reportedly slept through the situation, and assumed they had just landed back home in Madison when the plane touched down. According to the Wisconsin State Journal, the team hadn't secured a flight home as of 9 a.m. ET on Wednesday morning.