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The woman who designed viral Bill Belichick 'Save the Date' card explains herself

save the date

Jessica Dempsey is a die-hard Patriots fan, who wanted to make sure Bill Belichick is a part of her wedding day. It's something we all wish for, really. But she took it to the next step, along with her fiancee, when the pair sent out their Save the Dates. Yup, it's his stern face ... staring right at you. asked Jessica about the couple's decision for the bold design.

What gave you the idea to put Bill Belichick on your "Save the Dates"?

We had looked around at the classy, traditional Save the Dates. I felt weird about people having our faces on a magnet on their fridge, watching everything going on in their kitchen. It just creeps me out. So we knew we had to do something different. My fiance, Scott, was married once before, so he told me to have free reign with the Save the Dates. Being that I own a sports company, and grew up in a house of women who LOVE football, I knew that was where I wanted to go with it, but wasn't sure how to accomplish it. Someone had posted the Bill Belichick "Let's Party" meme one morning after a win, and I think I was out for a run when it hit me that we needed to do a variation on the meme. I quickly taught myself Photoshop, edited out full logos, added text, got rave reviews from my Mom and Grandmother, and sent them off to the printer! We love to entertain and make people laugh, so it was perfect for us.

How many of your guests do you expect to recognize him?

I expect 99% of our guests will recognize him. Even if you're not a football fan, his face is very present across all media. I'm loving the fact that our friends who are Giants/Seahawks fans will have to tape Belichick's face to their fridge.

Are you at all worried about getting married the Saturday before a Pats game?

Not at all. We are having a weekend wedding, and our brunch on Sunday will include football games on the big screen at our venue along with hot dogs, ballpark pretzels, popcorn, beer, and other football snacks. We want people to have fun and not worry about missing any games. We don't want to miss the games, either!


Imagine Belichick is sending a wedding gift: What do you hope he gets you?

Ooh, well I hope his present would be his presence -- how fun would that be?! Bill Belichick moshing to Korn and NIN? (We are having 90s music at the wedding). Honestly, if he really sent us a gift, it would be to interview players in the locker room, or even sit on the sidelines at a game. Material things are great, but that's a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Are you afraid your Belichick Save the Date will scare anyone off? He's pretty intense.

That furrowed brow, those laser-like eyes. I hope they DO scare people off, because with this thing going viral, we may have a lot of wedding crashers. Maybe I should add red laser beams coming out of his eyes to add to the mystique.

Any Pats plans for the invitations?

No Patriots plans for the invitations yet. We plan on keeping those more classic, but with a twist. Perhaps the twist will be Patriots related. I hope I didn't use up all of my creativity on the Save the Dates, but I just may have. :)