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Kansas governor proves to be bigger bandwagoner than Drake at Wichita State vs. Kansas

Kansas governor Sam Brownback made a concerted effort to root for the team that was doing best at the moment.

Kansas governor Sam Brownback refused to pick a side during the big game between Kansas and Wichita State:

Until after Wichita State's upset victory, when he wore a Wichita State shirt OVER his indecisive Kansas/Wichita State shirt (which was already over a dress shirt):

Unsurprisingly, Brownback's effort to appeal to everybody appealed to absolutely nobody:

(There may also be political reasons why he got booed.)

A piece of advice to all politicians: people will most likely respect a politician who's honest about his fandom and sticks with it instead of a guy who waffles based on whoever's doing well. Maybe you'll be a fan of their rival, but at least they'll think you're honest and not somebody who will put on whatever shirt will gain the most political favor.

By the way, Brownback went to Kansas State for undergrad, so ...