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Hey y'all got whooped by Kentucky real bad

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Let's dig into the numbers and find out whether West Virginia lost to Kentucky. Well the headline already says they did so whatever.

So, basically what happened is, this is what happened, okay, is West Virginia got straight-up whooped. And actually, I'm a Louisville fan so I wasn't even rooting for Kentucky, really. But to be honest with you, basically they just whomped the shit out of West Virginia. I don't really have any editorial oversight. Anyways, check this out.

I looked up every time a team got its ass whooped in the NCAA Tournament in the Sweet 16 round or later. I decided not to include the first round because I wanted to filter out the little-ass schools like Alcorn State or Hampton or Indiana or whatever. This is what I found out.


I didn't go to school to learn how to do charts or anything like that. Basically I just played around with stuff and figured it out myself because I'm pretty smart. I'm also 5'11, which means I'm taller than most people. Anyways I'm a professional writer for my job. So anyways, West Virginia was basically the worst No. 5 seed in the history of the world last night.


I think a big part of that probably was that Kentucky is real, real good. Like, I don't know if you saw this, but a few days before the game one of the West Virginia players was saying they were definitely going to beat Kentucky. Obviously they didn't because they basically couldn't do anything and just ran around like a bunch of kids while they kept getting dunked on and Kentucky beat them 78 to 39.

Anyways, my point with that last chart is that, look at that. No. 5 seeds have played tons and tons of games in the tournament, but none of them got whooped as bad as West Virginia.

Hold on because I wanted to show y'all one last chart.


78 is exactly twice as many as 39. Think about it, it's true: you can fit 39 into 78 two times. I would say it's a special skill to lose that bad, but when you think about it it's not because you just have to go out there and be bad as fuck.

Possible reasons West Virginia lost:

  • The state of West Virginia is smaller than Kentucky geographically and in terms of population
  • There are not any good biscuits available in West Virginia
  • West Virginia fans cannot bench press very much
  • West Virginia's main product is coal, which is just crappy rocks you can't do anything with
  • Everyone in Kentucky is good-looking and smart and it's hard to compete with that
  • I actually live in New York now which is bigger than West Virginia
  • But even when I was living in Kentucky I was living in a place that was still bigger
  • West Virginia didn't try hard

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