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West Virginia player who guaranteed victory over Kentucky tried to hide in bathroom

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When you say something silly like "36-1," you have to face the music.

West Virginia's Daxter Miles Jr. told media before West Virginia's Sweet 16 game against undefeated Kentucky that the Wildcats would be 36-1 after playing them. As it turned out, it was 36 and won.

Kentucky utterly demolished West Virginia, 78-39, on Thursday. Seriously, it was bad. To say Miles Jr.'s brag before the game had anything to do with it, though, is silly. Kentucky is the best college team in the nation and No. 5 West Virginia never had a chance, regardless of what was or wasn't said before the game.

Miles Jr. didn't take it all that well, though. After the game, he reportedly hid in the bathroom trying to wait out the media until a West Virginia assistant told him he had to talk. When he did finally come out, he went full Marshawn Lynch.

After the game, West Virginia coach Bob Huggins defended his player, as he should.

Unfortunately, these are the consequences of predicting a win against an undefeated team and then losing by 39 points.

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