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Mike Breen wore a fly Clyde Frazier suit for Clyde's 70th birthday

Everybody should wear the suits Clyde Frazier wears. We'd all look like idiots, but at least we'd be slightly more Clyde-like.

Clyde Frazier turns 70 on March 29th, which is ridiculous, because he looks not a day over 40 and has more swag than every person born since the year 2000 combined. Anyway, the Knicks' TV crew is celebrating that milestone with a night of Clyde Frazier, and that includes MIKE BREEN DRESSIN' LIKE CLYDE

No man can pull off what Clyde pulls off -- no, sorry, not even you, Craig Sager -- but credit to Breen for attempting.

And more importantly, the Four Tops sang Clyde "Happy Birthday," which is the best: