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Miami RedHawks player makes unbelievable diving save to prevent empty-net goal

Louie Belpedio's game-saving play was jaw-dropping.

Providence advanced to the NCAA Tournament's regional finals on Saturday, but they had to endure one of the most ridiculous comeback attempts in the history of NCAA men's hockey.

The Friars were up 6-2 with a few minutes left when Miami (Ohio) pulled their goalie and scored three unanswered goals to make it a one-score game with 1:30 left. That isn't even the most unbelievable part of the game.

No, that honor belongs to RedHawks defenseman Louie Belpedio, who made an insane diving save to keep Providence from scoring an empty-netter.

That play could (and very well should) go down in NCAA hockey tournament lore as one of the most clutch moments ever. Providence went on to score an empty-netter anyway to end the comeback, but major stick taps to Miami for making it a game.