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Someone finally improved the traditional March Madness bracket

Anyone who's participated in a March Madness pool knows the pain of a busted bracket. You spend weeks picking the perfect teams and then three of your final four loses immediately and you're forced to watch from the sidelines. Real Time Brackets is changing that.

The company is introducing a new twist into the time-worn format: The ability to change your bracket whenever you want, however many times you want, in real time -- even while a game is being played. You can make sure you have a perfect bracket, but there's a cost: You wont earn as many points for changing picks mid-game as you would for sticking with a team from the start. Essentially it's a system that not only makes every game count, it makes every minute matter.

Think of it this way: Your original pick is down by 5 with two minutes left. Is it worth switching teams to try and recoup some points, or ride out your pick and hope they can come back? It adds another layer to each game, one that tests your willpower.

Real Time Brackets also offers traditional brackets, and the ability to revise your picks after each round. Yes it's different, but it's also your chance to stay in the game this March, instead of waiting for next year.

Sign up to play here.