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5 things every fan should know about the Final Four

Whether you're a diehard college hoops fan or a newbie hoping to win your office pool, here are five facts you HAVE to know about the contenders and pretenders in this year's Final Four.

1) This is March

Technically, the Final Four will be played in April, but it's still important to remember that This Is March.

2) Death, taxes, Bo Ryan.

There's death, there's taxes, and then there's Wisconsin coach Bo Ryan.

However, it's not just Death, Taxes, Bo Ryan. It's sometimes Death, Taxes, Other People Too. In fact, it's Death, Taxes, Three Of The Four Final Four Coaches:

But that doesn't mean we should count out Kentucky just because it's not Death, Taxes, John Calipari. Death, Taxes, A Coach status can be revoked. For example, it used to be Death, Taxes, Bill Self:

But it isn't Death, Taxes, Bill Self anymore. So it's anybody's game.

One last wild card:

3) College basketball is where the unexpected becomes the ordinary

Often, really obscure teams make college basketball become where the unexpected becomes the ordinary.

4) Somebody is definitely Chandler Parsons -- but who?

It really seemed like it was Maryland's Jake Layman.

But recent reports lead us to believe it could actually be Wisconsin's Sam Dekker:

If it turns out Sam Dekker is the one who has a lot of Chandler Parsons in him, so don't count Wisconsin out.

5) Never forget what Shakespeare said

The Bard may have predated the Final Four by a few hundred years, but if he were around today, I think we all know what he'd say about college basketball's exciting finale:

(fwiw, the quote is from I.ii.173 of Troilus and Cressida -- a deep cut! -- and it's kinda botched.)

Now that you're at the end of this post, you really should follow Jon Rothstein, who's a really solid reporter who breaks a lot of college hoops stories. He also tweets the same stuff over and over and over, but that never stopped anybody from owning a parrot, because parrots are great.

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