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Jon Bois | February 6, 2017

The Bill Belichick Offseason Simulator

This must be emphasized from the outset: The Bill Belichick Offseason Simulator is a tool, and not a toy. It does not exist to amuse you. It is meant to train prospective football coaches in the art and science of managing the travails of the offseason.

Any fun you may have, or amusement you may find, while piloting this simulator is purely accidental, and should be reported as a software bug.

This "video game," if you would like to call it that, is not about fun and games. It is about getting dressed, resetting the clock on your car radio, shopping at the hardware store, and accomplishing offseason tasks. In other words, it is the exact sort of game Bill Belichick might himself make.

This game is possible to beat, but you may find it frustrating and difficult at times. That is because you are not Bill Belichick.

Best of luck piloting the Bill Belichick Offseason Simulator. Due to its immersive realism and state-of-the-art graphics, the Simulator may take a few moments to load.


Warning! The Bill Belichick offseason simulator is a 46mb file! Are you sure you want to play it right now?

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