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Michigan State's Final Four run is eerily identical to 2014 UConn's

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This is uncanny. Just give them the championship now.

SB Nation 2015 March Madness Bracket

Michigan State was a 7-seed and just made an unexpected run to the Final Four -- kinda like last year's surprise champs UConn, right?

Turns out Michigan State's resume isn't just kinda like UConn's -- it's pretty much exactly like UConn's:

It all checks out, too.

Memes with all this info are really flying around at this point, so it's kinda hard to assign credit -- the first person to cobble together all the comparisons looks to have been Michigan State student Erik Chard. Excellent work.

So of course, we can expect UConn to beat Duke in the semifinal and Kentucky in the final. There's really no other option.