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Stephen Curry crossed Chris Paul up so hard he breakdanced

If Chris Paul can't avoid getting embarrassed by Steph Curry, pretty much nobody can avoid getting embarrassed by Steph Curry.

Stephen Curry's latest victim: Chris Paul.

You know, Chris Paul. Maybe the best on-ball defensive point guard in the NBA. That Chris Paul. Steph just put him on the floor.

Curry hit him with the behind-the-back dribble, then brought it back the other way, and CP3 went down. You might note that part of the reason Paul fell is because he stepped on Curry's foot. But it's also worth noting that he only stepped on Curry's foot as a result of getting viciously crossed.

Here's Chris in "Breakin':"

And playing Twister:

Over on the bench, Leandro Barbosa died:

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