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Adrian Peterson hopeful situation with Vikings ends with everyone 'content'

The former MVP describes his talks with Vikings brass as "a great dialog."

Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

It remains unclear whether the situation between All-Pro running back Adrian Peterson and the Minnesota Vikings can be resolved. However, the two sides took a step towards possible reconciliation Wednesday when head coach Mike Zimmer and GM Rick Spielman met with the former MVP at his home in Texas.

That early returns from that meeting seem positive. Peterson released a statement through ESPN's Josina Anderson regarding what transpired:

"I appreciate Rick [Spielman] and Coach [Mike] Zimmer coming down to see me today. We had a great dialogue and they were able to understand where I was coming from and concerns my family and I still have. We respect each other and hopefully the situation can pan out so that everyone involved is content."

Since the end of his suspension-shortened 2014 season, Peterson has been critical of the Vikings when speaking with the media. His father has openly discussed the possibility of the running back suiting up for another team this season. The team says it wants to keep Peterson, or at least get him to work towards a trade. The meeting at Peterson's home was designed to facilitate a resolution.

While Peterson declined to comment on whether a return to Minnesota, his comments suggest that headway has been made between the two sides. It's not clear at this time what the next step will be, but it appears all options are still on the table.