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Baseball Reference has the only good April Fools' gag you'll see today

Now every baseball player can have the baseball facial hair they deserve.

Baseball Reference isn't just a boring old encyclopedia that lets you search through literally every possible piece of baseball information ever recorded -- they also like to have fun! For Christmas, they made the adorable/hilarious Santa's Reindeer team, and now it's April Fool's day, so they busted out a kooky feature that lets you add facial hair to any player in their database:

They explain:

This bespoke service starts at $1,000/hour, but as a special introduction we have made a limited package available on For today only, our online tonsorial tools will appear below the player images on allowing you, our hirsute clientele, to try a tiny sample from our follicular library for free. So give "The Gamble", "The Rollie", or "The Wilson" a try today, and if you like what you see, our team of Brooklyn-based salespeople will be visiting your clubhouse soon to sign you up for the full TCS®.

Now even the clean-shavenest player can have a bushy beard!

Damn, Greg, who knew you had it in you!

Hey, I thought the Yankees didn't let you grow facial hair!

Help old-timey players perfect the old-timey look!

More like Ichifro:

Wow, can't believe how lifelike these are!

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