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Lance Stephenson had the worst three-point shooting season of all time

Move over, Michael Ray Richardson.

The partnership between shooting guard Lance Stephenson and the Charlotte Hornets hasn't worked out for a number of reasons. The biggest one has been his inability to shoot. This is nuts:

Stephenson took 105 three-pointers in 61 games this season and made just 18 of them. Eighteen!

The Hornets still have one more game on Wednesday, but Stephenson has already been ruled out. That preserves his record-breaking numbers, the cherry on top of what's been a disappointing season for both Stephenson and the Hornets.

Prior to joining Charlotte, Stephenson wasn't known as a sharpshooter but he was respectable from downtown. He shot 34 percent from three during his final two seasons with the Indiana Pacers and had seen his efficiency trending upwards during each of his first four seasons. He hasn't lived up to expectations since signing with the Hornets last summer, however, and now he has a spot in the history books to prove it.

Stephenson finishes his first year in Charlotte with averages of eight points and nearly four assists per game. Three-point efficiency wasn't the only part of his game to suffer, as his overall shooting percentage dropped from 49 percent to below 38 percent this season. The Hornets have also fallen short of the playoffs a year after their breakout, partially because of Stephenson's struggles.


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