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This is what the Orioles-White Sox game with zero attendance looked like

An MLB game with no fans is a strange, strange experience.

The Baltimore Orioles and Chicago White Sox played a game in an empty Camden Yards for zero fans due to security concerns amidst protests and civil unrest in Baltimore.

First pitch #orioles #Baltimore

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Despite the lack of fans, the team still opted to go through with the general stadium fanfare. They played songs:

The scoreboard was on, and they played the national anthem:

Orioles catcher Caleb Joseph had fun with the strange atmosphere, pretending to sign autographs and receive applause from nonexistent fans:

There was a ball girl protecting no fans from balls, and handing them to the kids who weren't in the stands:

This guy went around picking up all the loose foul balls that no fans claimed:

Here's Chris Davis jacking a dinger with absolutely no fans to react:

Innings later, the ball was still just sitting there, unclaimed:

Davis also realized he could chuck a ball as far as he could into the crowd with no consequences, without needing to make sure fans were paying attention:

The game is on TV, and announcers pretended they were calling golf:

The sound of a ball popping into a glove echoed throughout the ballpark, like a backyard game of catch:

Some fans gathered outside the walls of Camden Yards:

The closest O's fans are gonna get today...

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And for the first time ever, a team had to do this:

With no fans, the game got over in just two hours, an easy Baltimore win:


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