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Why are the Angels openly upset about the Josh Hamilton decision?

This isn't one of those articles that uses a question in the headline to draw you in and then give you the answer. There are no answers here, just questions.

Josh Hamilton will not be suspended. The Angels are furious. Those two sentences are ludicrous when paired together, so I need your help.

We've known about Hamilton's self-reported relapse for over a month because some craven pig-people leaked the information to further their interests. Ken Rosenthal doesn't accuse the Angels, but he correctly points out that they were the only ones with something to gain from the story leaking. If Hamilton were suspended, the Angels would save money while Hamilton recovered from shoulder surgery. If he were suspended for life and kept in a box under the stadium, the Angels wouldn't have to pay anything. But that's just a beautiful dream. For now, they needed to keep their dreams realistic.

Whatever. That's an abhorrent way to treat employees in any industry, and it's worth noting that Angels weren't exactly assigned Hamilton and his contract against their wishes by a meddling dictator, but I at least understand the motivation. The Angels wanted to save money. I like saving money. We're practically related.

As soon as news of the decision broke, though, that's where things start to get fuzzy. There were logical, if sketchy, reasons for the Angels to want Hamilton suspended. There is absolutely no reason for them to act like petulant children after the fact.

They're so irritated that their player has to play for them when he's healthy that they're putting out public statements about it. Here's where I need your help.


That's my main question. That's where I need your help. Why?

Publicly complaining about the decision after the fact benefits ______.

The reason the Angels are being vocal about their disappointment is _______, and that sure seems like a good reason.

It's worth the risk for the Angels to look like disgruntled jerks because they're thinking about _______, which is much more important.

I'm out of blistering opinions. I don't have a grand point to make. I'm just curious, genuinely curious. They gave me the keys to a website, and that website has a comment section, so I'm commandeering it to scratch this mental itch. Everyone knows when something's bugging you, that comment sections from around the Internet will usually help you feel better. I'm counting on it this time.

The only reasonable explanation I can think of, the Occam's Razor of the bunch, is that the Angels don't really have a plan with all this. They were expecting a suspension. They had gotten used to the idea of a suspension. Heck, maybe someone had already mentally spent the money, like on, say, a Huston Street extension. When they found out they wouldn't get to save and rearrange that money, they lashed out because it felt good to someone at the top.

Instead of keeping it about Hamilton's sickness and his need for help, the Angels had to make their opinions known because of ________.

Help me out here.

Josh Hamilton will not be suspended. The Angels are secretly disappointed. Those two sentences make a ton of sense when paired together. Those two sentences just flow into each other, they make so much sense. Instead, Hamilton wasn't suspended, and the Angels want to let us know just how ticked off they are.

The best-case scenario is the Angels are just being dummies. The rest of the scenarios are on a downhill slope from there, and I just don't get it. Help me out, I beg of you.

The Angels released a public statement expressing disappointment that they'll have to honor a contract because it allows them to _________, which is clearly better for their short- and long-term goals.