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8 important, pressing questions answered by 'Furious 7' stars

We spoke to some of the stars of the "Fast & Furious" franchise to get their thoughts on some important topics.

LOS ANGELES -- Furious 7 is nearly upon us and trust me, it's one of the greatest action movies that's ever been crafted. I had a chance to talk to three of the stars of the Fast & Furious franchise and wanted to get their thoughts on the general ridiculousness of the movies, their personal automobile histories and some other important, pressing questions.

This franchise is well-known for its over-the-top action. What is the most ridiculous thing to happen in a Fast & Furious movie?

Jordana Brewster: I think the most -- I'm gonna spin it. I think the one that required the audience to suspend its disbelief the most was the one where -- I think it was in [Fast & Furious 6] where Vin [Diesel] and Michelle [Rodriguez] meet [in] midair. They're jettisoned out of cars. That was pretty outlandish, I would say.

Ludacris: Probably the fact that no one really bleeds or swells up too much. I think in 6, where Michelle was flung from the car or whatever and Vin caught her? That was pretty farfetched. So was the long runway in Fast 6, too. That was the longest runway in life. We were all laughing about it.

Tyrese Gibson: I think a lot of the stuff that registers as ridiculous is some of the sense, when the fans are like, "Yeah, right." A lot of stuff that I read [in the script], once they shoot it, I could have never seen how they'd pull that off. My own reading vision is very different from the execution of it. I think some of that shit should be left out, if you ask me. Like why are you even putting all that in the script? Just do it. "The camera's gonna do this ... " I don't need to read all that, just tell me what I'm saying and what I'm doing and what these people mean to me and I'm ready to rock.

What's your favorite stunt or moment from any of the Fast & Furious movies?

Brewster: My favorite stunt ... well, Paul was a black belt and he never really talked about it. That was part of what was so cool about him, was that he kept everything kind of on the D.L. And I was so glad that he kind of got to showcase his skills in his fight with Tony Jaa [in Furious 7]. So that was one of my favorite stunt [or] fight sequences.

Overall, the cars parachuting out of planes kind of takes the cake. I thought that was pretty awesome. I was [disappointed I didn't get to be part of that scene]. I was off shooting Dallas for a lot of the filming, so I wasn't around quite as much. And then, of course, [my character] Mia is a mom now, so it kind of limits how much she can take part in the action, but I do definitely miss it. I had the most fun in [Fast Five], when I got to do a lot of the action.

Ludacris: When Paul and Vin are suspended, going off the cliff, when they jump from the train onto the car in the beginning of Fast Five. I love that.

[As far as scenes I'm involved in,] my fight scene in Furious 7. I've been working on this martial art called 52 Blocks and I was able to incorporate it into the movie. They didn't even write that in there; I had to kind of like fight for it.

What was your first car?

Brewster: I always sound like a spoiled brat when I say it, but I did start working at 15. My first car, when I first moved to L.A. when I was like 22, 23, was a 3 Series BMW. It was nice.

Ludacris: My first car was a '93 Acura Legend. Still got it. 283,000 miles on it, man. It's on my album cover, as a matter of fact. Ludaversal. Comes out the same week as the movie.

Gibson: '83 Cutlass Ciera. License plate number 1HNA540.

What's your favorite car you've ever driven?

Brewster: Range Rover. I love Range Rovers. Especially in L.A., because they're big and bulky and I feel safe driving in them.

Ludacris: Ford GT. Stick shift. I love it. American muscle.

Gibson: Bentley GT Coupe. It's the best car I've ever owned. I don't have it right now. [Now] I have a Karma Fisker. Electric car.

Do you think anyone has ever had sex in a PT Cruiser?

Brewster: Probably. They would have to be somewhat acrobatic, but I'm sure they have. And I'm sure the movies have inspired people to have sex in a PT Cruiser as well. Or at least, one can hope.

Ludacris: I'm sure they have.

Gibson: PT Cruiser ... [thinks] I'd have to pull up a picture of it. I'm sure they have. If [people] can have sex in a Volkswagen Beetle, they can definitely have sex in a PT.

If you could go on a road trip with anyone, who would it be?

Brewster: Definitely my son, who is 18 months. Although I'm sure he would get sick of it. My son and my husband. And my best friend, Max.

Ludacris: Oprah, ‘cause I'm sure the sky would be the limit.

Gibson: A road trip? Dead or alive? Tupac and Marvin Gaye.

Do you have any rooting interests for sports teams?

Brewster: My husband is super into sports. And I am usually the first person to ask, "Honey, how long [until this is over]? There was some basketball thing on Saturday and I was like, "Babe, when is this over?" He's like, "It's not. It's a tournament. It goes on until midnight." And I'm like, [curses under breath]. I'm not very into sports. Soccer. I like World Cup. Being from Brazil, I'm super into soccer. I root for Brazil. 100 percent.

Ludacris: All Atlanta everything. Falcons, Hawks, yep. And Braves.

Is a hot dog a sandwich?

Brewster: No. But neither is a burger. I feel like they're kind of in their own category.

Ludacris: Yep. You can make it a sandwich. Throw extra shit on there, man. Turn it upside down. Or turn it sideways.

Gibson: No. It's a hot dog. You can make a sandwich out of it, but it's a hot dog with a hot dog bun. If I catch someone eating turkey or bologna with a hot dog bun, I will slap the shit out of them. You're breaking the rules. It's not right.

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