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2015 NFL Draft center rankings: Versatile players bolster position

The best center in the draft, Cameron Erving, started more than 30 games at offensive tackle for Florida State. Another ACC offensive lineman would rate highly at the position despite not playing it in college.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

How you feel about the center position in the 2015 NFL Draft is based largely how you feel about two players. One is listed in the rankings below and the other is not.

The first one, the listed one, is Cameron Erving from Florida State. After spending the majority of his career with the Seminoles at left tackle, Erving moved inside to center for the final five games of Florida State’s season. He played well and helped rejuvenate the team’s offensive line. His exact position is somewhat up in the air because he’s a good tackle. The assumption is that he can be a great center with more time, but we’ll see.

"Honestly when I made the switch a lot of people asked me how I felt about it in terms of the NFL That wasn’t on my mind," Erving said at the NFL Scouting Combine. "I mean, I’ve always been the type of person that does what’s best for the team. When I moved from defense (after freshman season) that was what was best for the team. And that’s how I did. As far as moving from tackle to center it’s what the team needed at the time. So I did it."

The other player, the one not listed, is Shaq Mason from Georgia Tech. Mason played guard in Georgia Tech’s option offense but looked good at center for a few Senior Bowl snaps. He’s a squat player at just under 6'2, and should be fine inside. He gets out on the second level nicely and uses leverage to his advantage. If Mason were in the rankings below, he'd come in at No. 4.

The center position may not be a deep one, but the talent amongst the top six players, and Mason, is very good. We could see several starters come out of this draft at the position.

Position grade: C+

1. Cameron Erving, 6'5 1/2, 313 pounds, C/OT, Florida State
2. Hroniss Grasu, 6’3, 297 pounds, C, Oregon
3. B.J. Finney, 6’3 3/4, 318 pounds, C, Kansas State
4. Reese Dismukes, 6’2 7/8, 295 pounds, C, Auburn
5. Max Garcia, 6'4 1/2, 305 pounds, C, Florida
6. Andy Gallik, 6’2 3/8, 306 pounds, C, Boston College
7. Brandon Vitabile, 6’2 1/8, 304 pounds, C, Northwestern
8. Greg Mancz, 6’4 7/8, 307 pounds, C, Toledo
9. Dillon Day, 6’3 3/4, 305 pounds, C, Mississippi State
10. Chris Jasperse, 6'3 3/8, 297 pounds, C, Marshall